Some BIG news + changes for 2016…

Incase I haven’t gotten a chance to tell you yet…we’re having a BABY! Crazy! I know, right?! Bill and I are over-the-moon excited to venture into the amazing journey of being parents! We found out towards the end of summer while I was away shooting a few destination sessions!! The reality of being pregnant didn’t really set in until a couple weeks ago when I blinked and was already HALFWAY through my pregnancy!
Since finding out we’ve been able to share the news in person with lots of our family and close friends, which has made the whole process even sweeter! We’ve been blown away with how much love and support there is for our precious little one and couldn’t wait any longer to share it with all of you!

Now that this amazing wedding season is coming to an end it’s time to look ahead to the next phase of our lives and also my business! I’m sure there are a lot of questions and I’ll be so happy to answer them! To help save some time, I’m answering a few of the most commonly asked questions since telling our friends + family the good news:

Do you know what you’re having? It’s a GIRL!! Let’s just say EVERYONE was surprised at that one! Bill’s family is very heavily stacked on the male side so we all thought for sure it’d be a boy! She will be one of a few Watson Women! They may be small in number but so far all have gone on to do amazing things!

When are you due?! My official due date is March 27, 2016 – my Grandmother Pearl’s Birthday! But who knows when Baby Watson will arrive! We’ve got lots of lucky days at the end of March and beginning of April, so we will see what she chooses!

How far along are you? As of today, I’m 23 weeks & 4 days – – over halfway there!

Did you plan this? We tried! We knew all along we wanted to be parents but honestly had NO IDEA what to expect. We weren’t sure how long it’d take, what do we do to prepare, what do we do when it actually HAPPENS – – or anything like that!! We gave ourselves a “window” to try and conceive between wedding seasons. Sure enough – with a little help from the Big Guy upstairs – – it happened right away for us! We have never felt so thankful and blessed in our entire lives. It really feels like a miracle.

How do you feel? Any sickness? I feel AMAZING! I know this isn’t fair; but I never once felt sick for more than a couple of minutes! I seemingly avoided the “morning sickness” gene but did have a few weeks where nothing sounded appetizing! Other than that my entire pregnancy has been pretty enjoyable so far! In the beginning I struggled with feeling tired throughout the day and lacked my normal GET-UP-AND-GO-ENERGY but it came back towards the beginning of the second trimester.

Any Food Cravings? Ready for this one…TACO BELL! I swear I could eat it everyday for lunch. So bizarre. I have no idea where it comes from considering I only ever ate Taco Bell a handful of times in my ENTIRE LIFE before getting pregnant! All of the sudden I really like the chicken quesadilla…but don’t worry – – I’m controlling myself (considering I know how AWFUL they are for you!!!)

Can you feel the baby kick/move? Starting at about 19-weeks I felt her fluttering around! At first I had NO IDEA what it was, but once I described it to my mom – and she confirmed it was the baby! Since then it has gotten more consistent and stronger! We’re thinking she may really like soccer like her Dad!

Are you moving out of your house? We are not! We are staying put in Scranton for a little while longer! We eventually would like to move out of the city, to a house with land – – but it will definitely still be in NEPA and won’t be moving for a couple more years!

When did you tell people? We found out at about 3.5 weeks and told our parents, siblings and closest friends right away. We knew no matter what happened we would need their love and support. Once we reached about 12-14 weeks we began to share the news with our friends when we saw them in person! We loved sharing the excitement and joy with each person individually!! There were lots of hugs and a few tears of joy! For some of our friends who were further away we shared the news via text message or chat! It was still exciting to see all the !!!!!!!’s and support from our loved ones afar! I made the decision to tell my clients individually, face-to-face, as the opportunities presented themselves. I certainly did not want any one of my clients to feel I wasn’t able to perform my job or be distracted by my health. To date I still have 3 weddings left for 2015 and I’m fully confident that I’ll be able to rock these weddings like the 34 before them! I’ve never once felt inconvenienced by this pregnancy and am looking forward to dancing the night away with this tiny baby bouncing around!

Are you showing? A little bit!! Since this is my first pregnancy, I had NO IDEA what to expect! I can still wear my normal pre-pregnancy clothes (although jeans are not comfortable these days!) but do have a tiny little noticeable bump! I’m sure this will get way more noticeable as the weeks go on…I’ll keep you posted!

Are you taking maternity leave? What’s your plan for 2016? I have a few special sessions scheduled for January 2016, but after that I plan on enjoying the last few weeks of my pregnancy in sweatpants!! Once she arrives, I will be on full maternity leave for 8-weeks until my first wedding in May 2016. Since we knew all along we were hoping to be pregnant I took a limited number of weddings in May and scheduled the majority of my weddings for June-Dec 2016! I did cut back the number of bookings I took on for 2016 and officially reached my goal in the Fall! Bill and I knew all along that once there was the possibility of starting a family that I would need to learn to SLOW DOWN. The thought of this scared the beejeebas out of me, because I simply LOVE what I do, feel fulfilled by my work and find so much joy in my career! 2016 will be a huge transitional year for us and my business, but I have NO DOUBT it’ll be an amazing one filled with lots of memories! I look forward to focusing on a smaller number of clients and really providing them with an amazing experience, some surprises along the way and experiencing the wonderful joy of motherhood!




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