Fresh 48 & Studio Newborn Sessions

Isla Pearl

I hope you don't mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is now you're in the world. - Elton John

The past month has stretched me in ways I never thought possible, but whenever I look at these images I can’t help but be filled with an unimaginable amount of love and gratitude.  The journey of bringing Isla into the world was a whirlwind.  Perhaps one day I’ll be able to share her brith story, but for now I’m still dealing with the emotional and physical ups and downs of it all – – but at the end of the day all that matters is that we have a beautiful, healthy, sweet little girl to be thankful for! 

The months leading up to Isla’s birth, people would always ask “are you going to take her newborn photos?”  My answer was always the same “NOPE…No way…NOT EVEN GONNA TRY!!” When it came to this special time in our lives, I knew I wanted to enjoy all the aspects of being a first time mother! I know I’ll take thousands of photos of Isla over her lifetime, but for THIS I wanted to enjoy the process and not stress!  Realizing the importances of investing in professional photography and the experience, I turned to two of my local competitors and dear friends Mindy Lipcavage &  Crystal Satriano for capturing Isla’s newborn sessions.

Fresh 48 with Mindy

While we were in the hospital, one of my best friends stopped by to capture the first few hours of Isla’s life. There are no words for how thankful I am for Mindy and her talent! She PERFECTLY captured our love, excitement and how we were in complete awe of this tiny little human. A Fresh 48 session is a documentary-type session where a photographer capture these precious moments within the first two days of your little one’s new life! The images are often unscripted, emotional, raw and perfectly beautiful!  If you’ve ever wondered if a “Fresh 48” session is worth the investment – – my answer is YES times a million!  When I looked at these images I’m filled with so many emotions!  I’ll never forget how it felt to be in these very first moments together.  

scranton_newborn_photographer_1001.jpg scranton_newborn_photographer_1002 scranton_newborn_photographer_1003 scranton_newborn_photographer_1004 scranton_newborn_photographer_1005 scranton_newborn_photographer_1006 scranton_newborn_photographer_1007

All the beautiful images above were taken by Mindy Lipcavage Photography

Studio Newborn Session with Crystal

Since I knew I wanted both a lifestyle Fresh 48 AND a more styled-studio session, I was so grateful for my friends who willingly worked with me fully knowing I had lots of ideas!!  The best part is that Crystal and I shared a similar vision for an organic, soft and natural newborn session.  I wanted to capture all the details of Isla without all the “stuff”!  The day of Isla’s session I was so nervous! I wasn’t sure how she’d be…but much to my surprise…she was an absolute ANGEL! Working with Crystal was a total dream!!  When it comes to newborn photography, it takes a lot of patiences and skill! It’s such a different speciality then wedding photography!! Weddings are so fast paced, but a newborn session forces you to SLOW DOWN and be STILL!  It takes an amazing talent to work with newborns, and Crystal excels at it!! (She’s also an amazing wedding photographer too! I’m pretty sure there isn’t ANYTHING this girl can’t do)!! She is so patient and gentle!  She snuggled and loved on Isla which immediately made Isla feel calm and relaxed!  Watching Crystal work filled me with such gratitude for this amazing job + career that we have!  If you’re wondering if I sobbed uncontrollably while looking at my gallery for the first time, the answer is YES! These moments are so fleeting and to have these images forever frozen in time mean the world to me. Crystal’s love and passion for capturing these beautiful moments made the whole experience one I’ll never forget! 

scranton_newborn_photographer_1008 scranton_newborn_photographer_1009 scranton_newborn_photographer_0001

My whole world in ONE photo.scranton_newborn_photographer_0002 scranton_newborn_photographer_0003 scranton_newborn_photographer_0004 scranton_newborn_photographer_0005 scranton_newborn_photographer_0006 scranton_newborn_photographer_0007 scranton_newborn_photographer_0008 scranton_newborn_photographer_0009 scranton_newborn_photographer_0011 scranton_newborn_photographer_0012 scranton_newborn_photographer_0013 scranton_newborn_photographer_0014 scranton_newborn_photographer_0016

All the beautiful images above were taken by Crystal Satriano Photography

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