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As some of you know, it’s been a dream of mine to be a husband + wife photograph team for a while!! I absolutely love the thought of having Bill with me all day at weddings and dream of him joining me on all my crazy adventures!  There is only one problem, the guy LOVES HIS JOB! I mean, he actually truly loves what he does!!  Now given when I met him I knew NOTHING about what he does! In fact, I still don’t.  I know he uses words like “CDX” and writes codes on the back of loose pieces of papers that he calls “orders.”  When people ask me I say “he sells wood”, when people ask him he says he “sells building commodities in the New York market.”  *shrugs shoulders*  Same thing. 

Even though I have no real concept of how he does what he does, I do know that he works for an amazing company.  Mariotti Building Products is a family owned company based out of Old Forge, Pa! Over the past 5 years Bill has worked for them, I have gotten to learn a bit more about everything they do there – – which goes far beyond selling wood.  One of my favorite aspects of their business is how they help customers design and build their dream kitchens.  They also sell windows, doors, bathroom vanities, roofing shingles and other building things, but honestly I just like all the pretty kitchens!!  So when Bill came home one day and asked if I’d be interested in taking some pictures of the kitchens they’ve designed that year, my first thought was “YES! THIS IS MY CHANCE TO BE MARTHA STEWART!” What transpired was an awesome experience of being in a real-life Pinterest pin! 

For the past couple of years I have had the privilege of being invited into customer’s homes to document their Mariotti Kitchens! It has slowly become one of my favorite projects because it gives me a chance to focus on creating some stunning editorial images beyond weddings! The other part that of the project that I love is meeting all the different people who are so proud and excited to share their homes with us! While setting up all the lights and angles for the photographs, I truly enjoy hearing all about the process they’ve gone through to end up with such a beautiful space. Home renovation is never easy.  It’s a stressful, time-consuming process but customer after customer tells me how easy the process is with Mariottis.  Right away I could relate to this experience within my business, clients often arrive at engagement sessions feeling anxious and unsure of what is about to happen – – but in the end I love when I hear a couple say “That wasn’t THAT BAD!!”

So why am I telling you all about Mariotti Kitchens?! Well one, because I’m so glad I get to share my MARTHA STEWART moments and TWO because Mariotti’s is hosting a local contest and giving away a kitchen! Sadly, I can’t enter because of the whole “husband works there” thing – – but I would absolutely LOVE it if one of my clients, friends, fans (do I have fans?!) got a chance to win!! Take a look at the gorgeous work this company does and then click this link to enter!  The awesome news is even if you don’t win you still get a gift voucher just for entering!  


mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0102 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0103 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0104 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0105 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0106 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0107 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0108 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0109 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0110 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0111 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0112 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0113 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0114 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0115 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0116 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0117 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0118

mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0121 mariotti-kitchens-old-forge-pa_0122

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from: Sam L.

These pictures are absolutely amazing!

from: Maria

Wow! These kitchens are stunning. They all look like magazine ads. I love the all wood one with the light doors.

from: Kerrie

These are beautiful designs and images. I would love for you to document some of the homes I’ve designed. Do you travel?