Isle of Skye, Scotland | Film


I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met.

Every time I return from traveling I find it’s really difficult share the images I’ve captured.  I feel like I can never find the right words to describe what it FELT LIKE to take a photograph I’m presenting.  I never have enough words to recount the details of the things I’ve seen, people I’ve met or food I’ve tasted.  I can’t accurately describe the colors of the sky or what the air tasted like.  It’s not that I can’t remember – – it’s just that no words ever seem fulfilling enough.  All I can say is this —

 It was like falling in love all over again…


A few from Glasgow!

Bill with a wedding ring on. AH!

Then he wanted to see if he could use the “film” camera.  I gave him a quick lesson and this was his epic portrait of me.

Camera: Canon EOS-1V Film: Fuji Pro400H, Portra 400 + Portra 160 Scans by Photovisions

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from: Jess Confer

Pep, these are amazing. <3

from: Susan MacDonald

Stunning memories you captured Danielle! I hope to visit Scotland too one day. You capture life beautifully and I can’t wait for you to capture my wedding day 🙂

from: Momma C

I love your passion for adventure and seeing the world thru your
beautiful eyes!

from: Momma C

PS… Bill looks awesome in a wedding band…