Malibu film Photographer

Malibu on Film

On my way out to Santa Barbara, I spent a couple of days in Malibu to relax and explore.  Taking time out of the crazy hectic season and just watch the sunrise can bring about so much peace and happiness.  Malibu has always been a special place to Bill and I, and even though I desperately wished he was there with me to see this – – I also realized that maybe this sunrise was . . .

secrets resort jamacia wild orchid

Montego Bay Jamaica

Secrets Wild Orchid

Bill and I got to take a little relaxing trip to Montego Bay Jamaica earlier this winter!  It was absolutely wonderful to relax and enjoy the sunshine!  It was our first time staying at an all-inclusive resort, and MAN, is that the way to go! Our time a Secrets Wild Orchid was absolutely incredible!  I even got to watch a beautiful wedding take place right on the beach.  Of course I snuck my camera in . . .

Isle of Skye, Scotland | Film


Every time I return from traveling I find it’s really difficult share the images I’ve captured.  I feel like I can never find the right words to describe what it FELT LIKE to take a photograph I’m presenting.  I never have enough words to recount the details of the things I’ve seen, people I’ve met or food I’ve tasted.  I can’t accurately describe the colors of the sky or what the air tasted like.  It’s not that I . . .