Bridgewater Mariott Hotel Wedding | Bridgewater, NJ

Tina & Rich

"Maybe millions of people go by But they all disappear from view And I only have eyes for you" - The Flamingos

The first conversation I had with Tina + Rich I knew right away they were in serious amroe! I could tell just by the way Tina’s eyes light up and smiled whenever she talked about marrying Rich.  The second thing I noticed was Rich’s awesome hair – – and his slight resemblance to John Snow (amiright?!?) These two incredibly beautiful people had a gorgeous, elegant wedding celebration at the Mariott Hotel in Bridgewater NJ.  I won’t mention too much about their portrait site location – – since we had a bit of a run in with security – – however I will say we this, we managed to get some BEAUTIFUL portraits in a short 12 minutes! I’d also love to give a shot out to Tina & Rich’s entire bridal party for holding off security so we could go about our business.  You guys are all RIDE-OR-DIE and I truly appreciate it!  Anyone willing to get arrested in tux/formal gown are my kinds of friends!

Despite the distractions, Tina & Rich couldn’t have looked more in love, beautiful or happy as they did during their day.  I love all the little details they incorporated to help bring their vision to life, especially snippets of Tina’s Grandmothers croqueted lace.  Another favorite memory came during Tina + her mom’s special dance…when the slow music came to a screech and they busting out a choreographed dace routine! I couldn’t stop smiling!! Those two ladies got DOWN!  It was so sweet! Both sides of Tina + Rich’s families were incredible wonderful to work with and made their day so special!

I hope you enjoy a sneak into Tina + Rich’s day!

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from: Crystal satriano

Seriously, Danielle! You are so talented. 💗